Reiki is a Great Addition to a Depression Treatment Plan

Reiki can uplift and cleanse your  spirit of the past events or circumstances leading to a better quality of life. Among those who have had depression, getting help can seem hopeless at times. At times like these, it helps to know people who care about you and who are ready to give you a hand up to lift you up. Reiki practitioners know how to help people energetically from a safe place inside all of us each day. I hope you find this article helpful, I did!

Amazing crystals for Healing You Can Use Today! has made the following list of just a few out of the hundreds of crystals used for healing therapy and Reiki. 

Crystals and stones can be found at crystal and gem shops, rock and mineral stores and online. I will have another post about how and where to find the best crystals for your crystal journey! 

Thanks for looking! Be back soon!

-Kara Ray

Click the link below to explore some beautiful crystals and stones!

Right Light Reiki

Start your Reiki story today! Reiki can be used to relieve stress, anxiety, tension and bring on healing powered by human touch alone. Come see how more people are talking about Reiki today.