To bring life to others, we must first become a light💘☺️

That light that burns strong in each of us deserves respect and appreciation and I have that from some people yet others let it go unnoticed. Until I finally heal from this concept I won’t accept the help those with this lights ability in mind to help coordinate myself and the universe we work in together I won’t feel safe and secure the way I’m meant to yet I feel safe saying I have enough support in this day and age for my weakness to be supported and appreciated as well as those weaknesses strengths and doubts at this color my field of vision enough to create chaos although I battle daily this chaos and make change an important part of every thanksgiving at every mealtime. Those followers we have on earth ask questions like who likes who, who can make more sense, or who got enough done today. It’s up to us to clear confusion daily for these individuals and us need focus and reliance to form fun friendships and community. The alliance is one of strength and independence and like-mindedness yet all connected through the conscious collective we so relatively turn towards when in need of help. Those needing rereading will mind this sentence yet know the logic and faith unit to combine to make sense for us. Peace and take care. ☮️

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