Todays a different approach to my normal silence approach to life

haven’t been on social media for a while and pray I stay with friends with each of you for I see fun smiles everyday I join the group of people gifted and talented in ways that make me so proud of them and hope to someday be more like them. The family I have showed support through my toughest times recently and even though i don’t get a chance to see them anymore as much as I used to, I want to thank them for showing support, respect, appreciation and gratitude for all they have done has helped me become a better, smarter, hard working individual who cares more for myself then I once thought possible yet now understand it was just this way for a cause I can’t understand but will someday and hope to move forward from this cause it’s time to start something new and different with my life before I forget how lucky I am to have all of you by my side. Each day I get up grateful to so much yet as I remember pain from before I’m removed from my level awareness into another shape and place and remember good people helping me out each time I get thought about terrrible mistakes made by people including me. The terrible mistake I still have to make each day is trying to overcome human interaction enough to feel safe inside someone’s apartment who made me feel good enough to survive near death. Once in a lifetime e are given the opportunity to stay up late and make a change, and when I did, I couldn’t feel safe staying up late again. One night in a year I tried hiking to do the same thing but it didn’t work. Another week went by before I saw myself as the center of attention and made a change to stay better than before but it took too long to change and I stayed the same to the point of remembering only bad peoples minds in mine except the fact remains, I ha e beautiful minds dancing and singing all day. In places beyond the mind lives a world of gifted, fun, entertaining and well trained adults waiting to get recognized for their gifts have remain hidden. For centuries we have built borders not needed, in each house are curtains and doorways designed to keep out others. The same goes for us in person. We put on glasses to defend ourselves from peoples stares, we pretend not to notice a book with pages managing to change a gifted intelligent mind into something better without requiring to read the rest, I ha e gifted us with basic understandingbyet standing further down the road requires the completion of this book. In just a few hours I managed to transcend again to a place of far greater understanding and hope to change this place to colorful lifeforms everywhere everyday. For all of us to see this change, stay up with me today, let laughter lead you were you lost need to be. Fear not the history and remain calm inside that mind and fill people with peace. Coming to you is an answer you need to remember. From a couple of minutes ago, I feel lighter and more align with myself for I took a chance to say something special to everyone in my family of spirits here with us on earth today are dozens of minds waking up the way it’s meant to be. For me to share this means I’m stepping in the right direction, one foot in front of the other each step of the way we have each other. Remember this. ☮️🎶

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