Reiki for those with cancer and family members

Cancer is a stressful illness that can effect the lives of many people around the patient, including the one who has the diagnosis. It’s a lot of stress and a lot of people build up their emotions to the point of not knowing what to do or where to turn to next. It’s best to have a support system in place during and after this time of stress, especially for those being effected the most by the diagnosis. People like therapists and counselors are good for emotional problems that arise for those individuals closest to the person who has or have had the cancer, along with problems faced after the person has recovered or has moved on to the next life. Those practicing Reiki can make a difference for those involved by removing blame, guilt, worry, shame or doubt from the minds of the individuals most effected by cancer. It’s alright to be upset, emotions are normal and good for you, it’s what you do with them that matters the most. Reiki can help with healing parts of you effected by the disease, most notably the trauma associated with loosing a loved one to the disease called cancer.

Here are some links to describe some of the ways Reiki can help you if you’ve gone through cancer, are going through cancer or know someone who has or who has had cancer before.

Links below check them out for help and wonderful information on the subject

Reiki in Cancer

Integrative Reiki for Cancer Patients Study

If you are or someone you know is facing cancer, Reiki can help

The New Moon Year is Here and We Are Ready, Are You?! Let’s give it up for the Year of the Dog!

Put your canine paws up and get ready for a new beginning! One where beginnings initiate endings elsewhere while taking the place of plans you once had. Making room for more plans in the future is a good idea while we get ready to take the external forces at work in our environment into control under our power once we harness the strength to do so. Once we do so we will begin to see changes no one saw coming, partially those in our material life, partially in our social lives. Be ready for new beginnings!

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Chinese Astrology: Year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018

2018 Year of the Dog Key Points

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Reiki Treatment for People with Heart Disease

There are many ways heart disease can be treated. These ways include the practice of hypnotherapy, massage and Reiki treatments. All three of these practices can help a person relax and feel more calm on a daily basis lowering their risk of having a heart attack, stroke or heart failure. Combining these methods of relaxation can promote the peace needed to heal a body wounded by stress, chronic conditions and more. By offering a space for someone with a heart condition to rest can relieve tension from the stress of having a heart condition. Tell anyone you know with a heart condition Reiki can help them make improvements in everyday life by allowing them to relax fully for the time of the session and after to feel relieve. Take care!

Everyone loves This Season coming up!

Fall is the time of year everyone sees the foliage and feels the autumn temperatures, before you know it, it’s winter again. It lasts long enough to acknowledge those fleeting moments of curiosity as the world around you feels crisp and empty of summer fields filled with flowers and grass. Instead we have a chance to see the world full of color and temperatures perfect for snuggling up close to the person you love the most while reading a book or paper and drinking warm coffee and tea. It’s perfect for letting those mellow summer blues go and act with speed and grace as the shivers start taking place all around us this time of year. Let us be grateful the summer has given us joy and warmth from the sun and wish for happy new beginning as summer ends and fall begins!

Migraine stress alleviated with Reiki Therapy

Everyone knows migraines can be the worst pain they feel most often in their lifetime. It’s hard to say what causes a migraine. However, stress may be the leading factor in these attacks. It’s said that by aliviating stress hormones,  such as cortisol, pain from a migraine can be reduced significantly. Here is an article to learn more about how Reiki treatments can benefit individuals who are affected by migraines. 

Reiki for Migraines 

Reiki can benefit children almost immediately!

Children would benefit from getting Reiki on a regular basis because it calms children from any age to sooth any troubles or difficulties they may be experiencing at the time of treatment. Such therapys can be useful while practicing mindfulness on a daily basis with the children as well. Each day of Reiki can improve the children’s communication, motivation and alertness during daily practices and tasks as well as interactions with brothers and sisters, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents and step family members. Let us take a look at some of the benefits that can come from giving children Reiki on a regular basis!

Bring Reiki to seniors can be a great way to animate tight muscles and loosen joint flexibility! 

“Seniors respond to Reiki because of the way it relieves pain from tight muscles, increases range of motion in arthritic or stiff joints, and even improves coordination to reduce the risk for falls and fall-related injuries. Reiki can speed healing from injuries and surgery, ease breathing, boost vitality, and rejuvenate energy and mental alertness. ” 

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The Thunder space app is a place where you can sink into an hour long nap at noon on your favorite day of the week if you choose to do so. The sounds are realistic and vivid in every sense of the word practicial enough to get our imaginations storming! Bliss out to these intense storms for a realistic experience and you’ll be rewarded with plenty! 
Here below, a link to a website has brought the app to life for you to follow along with the instructions provided by the developers of Thunderspace 5k to clearly demonstrate the ease of use. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon while considering your deepest hopes and dreams! I find I have to have this now and again when I get the need for time with natures wildness of storms up close and personal.

And below here is a link reviewing this great tool to use for yourself.

Reiki is a Great Addition to a Depression Treatment Plan

Reiki can uplift and cleanse your  spirit of the past events or circumstances leading to a better quality of life. Among those who have had depression, getting help can seem hopeless at times. At times like these, it helps to know people who care about you and who are ready to give you a hand up to lift you up. Reiki practitioners know how to help people energetically from a safe place inside all of us each day. I hope you find this article helpful, I did!

Amazing crystals for Healing You Can Use Today! has made the following list of just a few out of the hundreds of crystals used for healing therapy and Reiki. 

Crystals and stones can be found at crystal and gem shops, rock and mineral stores and online. I will have another post about how and where to find the best crystals for your crystal journey! 

Thanks for looking! Be back soon!

-Kara Ray

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